Imaginary Number Rap

from by J-Zizzle

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Yo yo, my name is i
You may not think so but I'm so fly
I'm a negative under the radical sign

I'm not your average number like one or two
If you think that's all there is I've got a surprise for you
Listen to me, I'll tell you the truth

All started with some men, sitting in a pub
They thought "what's the square root of negative one?"

Tried as hard as they could but they just couldn't get it
So they destroyed the whole town and all that was in it

This became quite a frequent occurrence
So the people all started buying insurance

They decided that this answer just couldn't happen
So they made up a number and that's why we're rappin’

They gave it some thought and called it i
There was no better name no matter how they tried

If you think i is overrated
Just remember they were all intoxicated

So what's the deal with this strange number
That's weirder than the snow in summer?

Some people might think I don't exist
So then how could I be singing this?

See that's just a common misconception
Though I'm not real I got a huge reception

A whole new dimension opened up
All unexplored, and untouched

Though many at first were quite perplexed
They discovered soon enough I was quite "complex"

A whole new axes called the complex plane
Was completely invented just in my name

I was the latest fad and all the rage
Kids be writing a+bi all over the page

Scribbled on sidewalks and on the billboards
Finally I've come out from under the floorboards!

Though they can multiply me and add me all the better
In the end it's them who's caught in the letters

I'm the last one standing, I make the difference
Without me they would just be indifferent

I hope you learned from this rap I gave
When you hear my name you should rant and rave


from J​-​Zizzle's Lofty Endeavors, released April 25, 2011



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J-Zizzle Seattle, Washington

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