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I like big matter and I cannot lie
You other chemists can't deny
When the mass and volume are combined
Then I get this tingling in my spine
That shouts CHEMISTRY!!

We'll put materials at the top of our list
They can be anything as long as it exists
But of course a material has got to have matter
Which is mass and volume (as it gets fatter)

If you wanna know about heterogeneous materials
Then take a look at your morning breakfast cereal
You got the milk and the cheerios
But they’ll always be separate and detached yo

In contrast when something is homogeneous
You can't tell what is and isn't in this
Maybe you've got a mixture of gases
But can't see it's a combo without super-glasses!

A substance can be an element or compound
The former's what you get when no more can be found
The latter's got two or more of 'em in fixed proportions
And they're both all pure with limited distortion

When you mix these substances you've got a solution
To which the solvent makes a hearty contribution
It ends up as a solute through diffusion
It was originally a mixture to add to the confusion

When ice melts to water in the spring
This process is more of a physical thing
So the chemical formula doesn't change
In fact, it stays right at HOH!

Sodium is a highly reactive solid
Chlorine is a deadly gas but bonded
They form a mixture we call sodium chloride
We sprinkle on our food with so much pride

That is an example of a chemical change
If you play along, you will understand the game
Eventually you will begin to notice
A system is where the attention is focused

You have three phases in the world of chemistry
These are all defined by physical properties
Solid liquid and gas don't look the same
That doesn't matter, their formula doesn't change!

Now let's start this chemical reaction
I'll get the reagent, and we'll cut to the action
The reactant is consumed and the product results
We know its chemical properties without a doubt!

If you open your eyes wide and take a good look
You'll find more chemistry than you'll see in a book
If you take the time to understand
You can grasp these ideas in the palm of your hand.


from J​-​Zizzle's Lofty Endeavors, released April 25, 2011



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J-Zizzle Seattle, Washington

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